10 Ways to Show People in Foreign Countries You’re a Tourist (Without Saying “I’m an American”)

10 Ways to Show People in Foreign Countries You’re a Tourist (Without Saying “I’m an American”)

This video is, in my opinion, full of some real truths and a few American-tourist-stereotypes that I personally don’t agree with.

Watch, learn — and be entertained!

So there’s some truth here and some, as a relatively experienced traveler, that I just don’t understand:

1. T shirts with big lettering/logos means you’re a tourist? If you want my advice, don’t fret over this one. I really can’t think of an entire place on this planet where this is any sort of real dead giveaway.

2. You talk too loud? This is another one that didn’t resonate with me. Has this guy ever been to Greece, Italy, France, or the UK?¬†(I know he has, but just saying)¬†Perhaps try to lower your voice if you’re in Germany, but otherwise I say there those who prefer quiet wherever you go. There are also places where speaking as loudly as possible is the norm.

3. You compare everything to the USA: This is so true and if this sounds like you, you must stop. Even if you’re just moving across the country to a new place for work or school. Nobody wants to hear constant comparisons about where you’re from and where you are now. Enjoy the new scenery and culture and forget about home for a while. Saying things are “weird” can actually offend people too, you know.

4. You ask for prices in dollars? I suppose this is true for the inexperienced or occasional traveler. You really need to understand what the conversions are anyway, or someone’s going to take advantage of your laziness.

5. You complain about the little things: Been there, done that, seen it done by others. Yep, you gotta pay for ketchup and even napkins in some places around the world. Same with bathrooms.

6. You over-pack: This is another truth, but some people like to bring a piece of home with them, some adopt more of a backpacker’s packing mentality.

7. You wear baggy clothes? Anyone care to comment on the validity of this one? I’ve seen more than a few Euros with baggy clothes on…

8. You wear your jammies or workout gear on the plane? I lol’d at this one. Pajamas in public are a dead giveaway for something alright…

9. Asking someone if they speak English — in English: This is really quite true actually and can end a conversation with a foreigner very quickly. Some of the best English-speaking travelers I’ve been around are Brits. They always know at least a handful of words before touching down in a new country.

10. You laugh at the Canadian flag: No comment ‘aboot’ this one, other than to say that Americans do have a strange fascination with making fun of Canadians, of which I’m one (Don’tcha know: we all drive skidoos, it snows year-round, we don’t speak the language properly, we’re too nice, our stupid flag has a leaf on it, etc.)






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