5 Tourist Scams to Watch Out for in China

5 Tourist Scams to Watch Out for in China


Top 5 Chinese Tourist Scams:


1. Pretty Girl Tea Time Scam: If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

2. Extortionist Rickshaw Bullies: It’s hard to avoid getting on the wrong rickshaw. Be ready to jump off when/if one of these guys starts drifting away from the crowds.

3. Counterfeit Art:Asian paintings and calligraphy are tempting to buy when you’re on vacation. Don’t spend much money on art unless you know what you’re doing.

4. Black Taxis: They aren’t always literally black — they can be any kind or color, but they aren’t registered and they’ll rip you off! Ask the price upfront whenever you can.

5. Counterfeit Money Scam: This is a problem throughout Asia and most tropical tourist hot spots too. When you’re traveling in a strange land, never take your eyes off any service provider, vendor or shop owner when you give them money. These scammers are just waiting for you to avert your gaze for a minute. Take a picture of the notes before you hand them over (in view of the person you’re giving the money to) so they know you’re savvy to the counterfeit money scam.


Main Image:”Rickshaws” by¬†SteFou!

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