5 Romantic Getaways That Aren’t Paris

5 Romantic Getaways That Aren’t Paris

1. Vegas Baby! (Risky Business)

Hotel Las Vegas the Venetian

“Hotel Las Vegas the Venetian”

Vegas isn’t just for gamblers eager to rid themselves of the cash burning a hole in their pockets. Sin City is perfect for risk taking lovers who can’t stand to be apart for even a moment. Grab a luxurious hotel suite on the strip and spend a day or two just enjoying each other’s company before jetting of to Lake Las Vegas to enjoy a ride on the Venetian-inspired gondola rides designed with lovers in mind. Cap things off with candle-lit dinner by the water, then head back to the strip for some fun and excitement in the casinos.

2. Sydney (Adventure Galore)

"Sunset from Cremorne Point" by Steve Arnold

“Sunset from Cremorne Point” by Steve Arnold

Nothing inspires love more than a trip to Sydney. Love is always in the air, with some of the friendliest people in the world converging all in one place. There are plenty of readily available activities to get the adrenaline and serotonin flowing. Hop on the Katoomba Railway and take in the many sites, which include a trip up along massive sandstone cliffs overlooking the ocean (it’s the steepest rail line on the planet!) Jump off along the way and take some rock climbing or repelling lessons together, go for a hike or mountain bike ride, do some hang-gliding or para-sailing. The views and fun activities in and around the city are sure to get your hormones swimming. Like dolphins? Maybe you and your man or lady would like to swim with them? Head to Port Dover and you can do just that with, under the safe supervision of a qualified dive master and marine mammal expert (see Dolphin Swim Australia for more info).

3. Mumbai (Culture Lovers)

"Temple Lane" by Eric Parker

“Temple Lane” by Eric Parker

Mumbai is the most culturally-rich city in India. It’s the hub of modern innovation and engineering in the country and also holds some of the most interesting ancient middle-eastern palaces, temples and buildings you’ll ever see. Shrines, sculptures, fountains, street-side cafes with a distinctive Parisian flare to them. Parisian-style cafes are big business — here you can (figuratively) transport your lover straight from India’s capital to the official city of love in Paris, France — for a fraction of the vacation costs! Coffee and delicious macaroons should be on the menu for any couple visiting this place. It would be a sin to not spend an hour at the stunning Flora Fountain after the daylight fades (the sculpture is lit up in splendorous light at night.)

4. St Lucia (Straight Out of Fairy-Tale Land)

"Sandals Grande St Lucia Pool" by Freaktography

“Sandals Grande St Lucia Pool” by Freaktography

St. Lucia is arguably the most gorgeous of all the Western Caribbean islands. “Arguably” because they’re all awesome and geared toward exotic tropical vacationers. Perfect sandy beaches, crystal clear water as far as the eye can see, public hot springs on every corner, and mud baths to make sure your skin looks its best before an amorous night time romp! Fruity cocktails and champagne are never far from your reach either. The Sandals resort on St. Lucia is worth every penny if you’re looking for a place to stay. Just look at how it lights up in the evening! The outdoor pools and hot tubs are a must if you want to relax in the evening before retiring back to your suite in the wee hours of the morning.

5. Cape Town (For Sophisticated Lovers)

"Groot Constantia Vineyard (Cape Town)" by Bertrand Duperrin

“Groot Constantia Vineyard (Cape Town)” by Bertrand Duperrin

Of course the water surrounding Cape Town is amazing if you’re into surfing and diving. There’s beaches galore and wicked ocean crosswinds for wind-surfing or para-sailing. But Capetown is where sophisticated wine lovers go to experience some of the world’s best vineyard-filled countryside (make sure to head down to the Stellenbosch region for a glass or three of South African Pinotage!) The vineyards are many in this Mediterranean paradise which separates the inner desert-ridden and poverty-stricken portions of Africa from the ocean. After or before tasting some of the best wines in the world, check out the South African National art gallery and St. George’s Cathedral in Church Square. Next, head up Table Mountain on a cable car, find a patch of earth to sprawl out on together and watch a glorious sunset take place over the city. Open air cinemas are located throughout the city just for you and your special someone — a bottle of wine and comfy blanket are all you’ll need to finish off a perfect day with an amazing starlight canopy overhead!

Main Image: “Taiwan Lovers In Autumn” by CHEZ ANDRE 1

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