What NOT to Pack in Your Luggage for Trouble-Free Travel

What NOT to Pack in Your Luggage for Trouble-Free Travel

Here are a few items you definitely should NOT pack in your luggage:

Sonia’s “What Not to Pack” List:

1. Nail Polish Remover/Perfume/Cologne/Insect Repellent — etc. A good rule of thumb is that anything flammable or acidic will damage your clothing, possibly electronics and other gear you have contained in your luggage. Ziplock bags don’t offer 100% protection, especially since you don’t know how your luggage will be handled before take off, during stop-overs and change overs, and when you finally land at your destination.

2. Books. Yes, paper books, especially hardcovers are a huge waste of space and weight. Kindles, ereaders, tablets are also a good alternative to Sonia’s suggestion of listening to audio books.

3. Sharp Objects. Like chemicals, you just don’t know how your luggage is going to be handled. I wanted to list some examples of sharp objects here, but I suppose any of you reading this are “sharp” enough to use common sense with this one. Note that sharp objects like knives aren’t just dangerous to your other packed items, they’re also a danger to baggage handlers. From the TSA.gov website:

Knives and Tools – You may not bring knives and certain tools in your carry-on luggage. Pack these items in your checked luggage. Please sheath or securely wrap any sharp objects in your checked luggage so that it does not injure baggage handlers and security officers.”

4. Medication. Of course you definitely should pack your medication, but put it in your carry-on please. Same with travel documents and anything that connects you with your money and/or credit. Luggage does get lost (ever seen “Meet the Parents” with Ben Stiller and Robert Deniro?)


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