Common Likes and Dislikes From American Tourists in England

Common Likes and Dislikes From American Tourists in England

If you’ve never been, it’s good to brush up on what to expect when traveling in Britain:

England Dislikes:

  1. Weather: It rains there. I like the rain, you may not. Sunny days are usually defined as “hazy” by Americans and other tourists.
  2. Transportation delays and expenses: I can’t comment on this as I haven’t experienced too many delays. Everything’s more expensive in England (see #4).
  3. The traffic is different: They drive on the opposite side of the road. Not to mention all the blood roud-a-bouts!
  4. It’s expensive: Overall, hotels, meals, rentals, etc., are much more expensive. London being the worst. Look for lots of sites within
  5. They don’t always meet the stereotypes: Lol, the tip about not cheering for the “wrong” team in the pubs was a funny one! People will bump into you without acknowledging it — if you’re from any American city, this won’t be anything new to you.

England Likes:

  1. The people: Ceremonies, “fish and chips” — English-isms.
  2. Villages and outer districts are awesome: The English countryside really is incredible. There’s more to England than the London capital.
  3. Public transport: Well, he said he hated it, but then contradicted himself. He’s right though, there isn’t a single nook or cranny public transport can’t go.
  4. The service: “Customer is King” and people are very helpful.
  5. The Pub: Hey, England’s the birthplace of the pub, how can anyone not enjoy a pub sitting or two?


Main Image: “Liverpool Street Station London” by zen whisk



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