Tips for Canadians Traveling Overseas

Tips for Canadians Traveling Overseas

We spell “traveling” the traditional British way in Canada (“travelling”), but I can verify that this lady is indeed a Canadian who’s traveled overseas (ie., she talks funny like all Canadians do!):

1. The mistaken accent:

Just as there are many people in Canada and the US who’re not so well-traveled, many Europeans, Asians, and tropical-islanders won’t pick up on the “oots” and “aboots” — nor will they question why you say “eh” at the end of every sentence. There’s a great flip-side to this though: once the offending party realizes their mistake, they’ll ravage you with embarrassed apologies and you’ll likely become fast friends as a result. So don’t act offended if they accuse you of being a Yank, and just let them know you’re a Canuck ASAP! Put our flag on your bag, eh!

2. Your Canadian visa is valuable and may help reduce travel-related hassles:

Except for South America. I don’t think this is because you’re a Canadian though, contrary to what’s said in the video. Most South American countries are communist, and well… their government services, including customs just aren’t terribly welcoming to tourists despite you’re willingness to infuse their economy with your (converted) Canadian dollars!

3. Where Canadians like to travel:

I’m going to say we love to travel anywhere. Though, I will admit that Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand are a few island hotspots that myself and several friends have included in our travel plans over the years. Mainly for the surfing, fun, and all-round adrenaline fix offered by each (certainly not because they’re budget-friendly — am I right?)

4. Cars stopping when you cross the street?

Ummm. I would never trust anyone to stop for me as a pedestrian — no matter where in the world I am.

5. Use your manners

Hey, it’s an image we’re expected to live up to! We’re the nicest people in the world.

6. Stereotypes such as “Canadians don’t get cold!”

Lol. People think we still live in igloos and hunt seals for food. Snowmobiles and big 4×4’s are the only method of travel and it NEVER gets warm. This is a really funny one. I personally live about 50 (kilometers) across Lake Ontario from Rochester, NY. Yeah, it gets hot up here and most of us who live south of the Canadian Shield (way up North) know this, but get used to this and other stereotypes overseas (or when traveling in the States).

7. You’ll be loved and revered most everywhere you travel:

Membership has its privileges and you are part of an exclusive club. Just roll with it. If you’re shy, this phenomenon will make it easy for you to exit that introverted shell you’ve been living in!







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