Awesome Travel Guide to Explore Quebec City, Canada

Awesome Travel Guide to Explore Quebec City, Canada

Quebec is one of the most awesome places to visit in North America. They speak their own dialect of special French (English too) and there’s so much fun and history to explore once you get there. This vid explores some of the more cultural spots you need to see when you come.

I have to apologize for being a little late on the draw with this post. Indeed, the Winter Carnival is a wonderful occasion in this city, but sadly was over a few weeks ago.

As mentioned in the video, Quebec City is very suited toward winter travel, as the landscape and architecture seems to take on a special aura during the snowy months.

If you’re into fresh-made snow-cones, there are tons of road-side stops all over the city and in the outskirts where you can enjoy some fresh Canadian maple syrup on some snow (also made by Mother Nature).

Last, there are hundreds of gorgeous churches! Even if you’re an Atheist like me, you can’t help but be enamored with them all.

There’s still plenty of snow here in Southern Canada folks. Should be for another month or so too. Book your ticket, charter a plane, drive — get on down here before the muggy weather hits!







  1. I was in Canada for 5 years and then I moved to Dubai.!! I have loved the Winter Carnival like anything, It’s so refreshing, Every carnival my friends used to visit me and we had the best time of our life.
    Gone are those days. Can’t express how I’m feeling rite now. Thanks for uploading this.!!!

    Feeling nostalgic.!! Though thanks for sharing.


    • We can never go back in time, but can always go back to see the places we love! Glad you liked the post. 😀

  2. I haven’t traveled much of Canada but I plan to over the next few years. I’ll definitely put Quebec City on the list now! It’s so gorgeous in the snow.

    • Stephanie,

      It’s the tops no matter what the season. Even early spring (coming in the next month) is wonderful — after a couple of weeks of mud and heavy rainfall! 😀

  3. I love almost every place in Canada and I Love visiting that place to my uncle’s house.
    So excited to go again this winter.

    Looking forward.
    And thanks for writing and sharing.!!1


    • No problem HoJo! Glad you liked the post.


  4. Thanks for sharing this post. I love to read it.


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