New York Times Travel Show Rated This Country the #1 Travel Destination for 2015

New York Times Travel Show Rated This Country the #1 Travel Destination for 2015

South Africa was recently given the prestigious title of the World’s top travel destination for 2015 at the New York Times Travel Show.

Termed “A world in one country”, you literally can see everything the world has to offer: African desert wildlife, ocean wildlife (including, yikes, some of the biggest Great Whites in the world), mountains, deserts, grassland, gushing rivers, amazing wine, friendly culture. Awesome!

Check out some of the sites it has to offer and you’ll surely agree.

Cape Point on the Coast:

"Cape Point" by Nicolas Raymond

“Cape Point” by Nicolas Raymond

Beautiful Botanical Gardens:

"Pincushion at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens" by David Stanley

“Pincushion at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens” by David Stanley

Zulu Indigenous People:

"Zulu reed dance ceremony" by Retlaw Snellac Photograp

“Zulu reed dance ceremony” by Retlaw Snellac Photograp

Pretoria (look at those flowering trees):

"Street lined with Jacarandas" Martie Swart

“Street lined with Jacarandas” Martie Swart

Cape Town Stadium:

"Cape Town Stadium Panorama" by warrenski

“Cape Town Stadium Panorama” by warrenski

Sprawling Ranches Dotting the Landscape (amazing sunset!):

"At the End of the Day" by StormSignal

“At the End of the Day” by StormSignal

Incredible City Lights:

"City of Blinding Lights" by StormSignal

“City of Blinding Lights” by StormSignal


"Doorn River Waterfall" by Damien du Toit

“Doorn River Waterfall” by Damien du Toit

Some of the World’s Best Surf:

"Flow Rider" by Damien du Toit
“Flow Rider” by Damien du Toit

African Wildlife:

"Stretching Elephant" by David Siu

“Stretching Elephant” by David Siu

Wineries as far as the eye can see:

"Groot Constantia Estate" by David Stanley

“Groot Constantia Estate” by David Stanley


Folks, I haven’t even grazed the surface of what’s to be seen and done in South Africa. It’s a diverse coastal paradise where you can see the continent truly at its best, without the risk of dying of exposure as you move inland to the more desolate areas of the country.

This place is definitely on my current travel agenda. How about you?


Main Image: “There is Fire on the Mountain” by Carolina Ödman











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