6 Biggest Euro Travel Budget Busters & How to Avoid Them

6 Biggest Euro Travel Budget Busters & How to Avoid Them

Europe is a great place to visit. It’s a dream destination for virtually every American. It’s also a place where you can literally burn up an entire trip’s budget and be forced to leave for home early with your tail between your legs.


1. Tickets

Book plane tickets 6 months in advance for best pricing. Buy train tickets months in advance, sometimes with savings up to 50%.

2. Food

Look for lunch specials and stoke the belly then, instead of eating out at night and suffering premium pricing. Grocery stores are always a smart bet, but lack of cooking appliances in hotels can be a drag.

3. Accommodations and Transportation

Don’t look for out of the way places that save you a few bucks over central locations, but then cost you twice as much in time and money to get to at the end of the day. Hostels are getting more expensive, as Mark mentioned, but for a solo traveler who doesn’t mind thumbing it a bit, hostels and campsites are a definite money saver!

4. Seeing Too Many Sites

This is just like going on an impulsive shopping spree. If you get to a site-filled place like Rome or Paris, there are so many places to see and most cost money if you want to get inside and enjoy the artwork and interior architecture.

5. Choosing the Most Expensive Cities

The more popular a European country, the more it will generally cost. The UK, France, Norway — all are VERY expensive.

6. Eurail Pass

Don’t buy a Eurail pass if you’re not going on a multi-country trip. Stick with the private in-country service providers.


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