See These Places Now Before They’re Gone Forever!

See These Places Now Before They’re Gone Forever!

It’s a really sad thing to consider that an entire island or ecosystem can just disappear. This is something that’s happened throughout history (do you believe in the lost city of Atlantis?)

This graphic is really cool, detailing some of the most gorgeous and relaxing vacation destinations around the world that are slowing disappearing or dying (in the case of places like the Great Barrier Reef in OZ). The great thing about the graphic is that it gives some details about the surrounding attractions and also tells why the site is soon to be gone. Some of the reasons are pretty cry-worthy, such as the habitat destruction happening in the Galapagos, or the blatant lack of respect for the environment that’s destroying Madagascar every day.

Places to see before they're gone

Of course, the further down the list you go, the less time they have left.

Each of these destinations would make for a great vacation. Please: Do your best not to be part of the problem when you visit one of these places though.

Please share this with a fellow traveler and include some of these hotspots in your future travel itinerary.


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