Why People Get Fat While Traveling

Why People Get Fat While Traveling

Traveling and weight gain go hand-in-hand for most people. At least for the occasional or inexperienced traveler.

Listen to Nadine’s thoughts on why most inexperienced travelers gain weight, how to avoid being an over-indulging foodie when you’re in “yummy” countries, and easy ways to actually lose some weight while you’re on the road.

I think this problem really applies when traveling through Southern Asia. Food is so cheap and calorie-dense! So many sauced-up beef and chicken. Even the “light” soups are loaded up with heavy creams and other fats. Of course, Europe is just as bad, but the prices have a way of keeping your diet in check, if you’re on a budget.

Really, Nadine hit it on the head with the excuse “I’m on vacation.” You deserve it and heck, you can always nip those pounds in the butt when you get home. Kinda like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Trouble is, some of these events have a way of continuing for months (or years) and it becomes harder and harder to back off.

Walking will only get you so far if you’re eating heavy at every meal and then washing it back with 10 beers every night. Fancy mixed drinks? A small Margarita has 150 calories — how many people stop at one? A single Pina Colada can be up to 600 calories!

Walking at an intense pace will only burn up to 300 calories an hour. You’re on vacation remember? You gotta take it easy and pace yourself… Right?

Watch those calories folks. Having to go home is depressing enough sometimes. Don’t want to have to deal with a self-image problem to boot!


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