Top 10 Bungee Jumping Destinations for Super-Fun Summer Travel

Top 10 Bungee Jumping Destinations for Super-Fun Summer Travel

Looking for some adventure during this summer’s vacation?

Some of these jumps have outrageous views!


10. The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Colorado, United States. If a 9 hundred foot fall sounds good, then head here.

9. Bloukrans Bridge, Cape Town, South Africa. 2 of every 10 people who set out to take the leap back off from the challenge. Not only is it 700 feet high, it’s known to be in the path of some seriously strong cross winds.

8. Macau Tower, China. If you find beautiful views of rivers and cliffs cloud your ability to focus on the adrenaline rush, consider this location. At the bottom of 750-plus foot drop is a parking lot.

7. The Last Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal. No serene water watching to calm your nerves here. The jump is built over the Bhote Koshi River, one the country’s wildest.

6. The Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland. If the dream is to emulate James Bond, then this is the place. The opening sequence of the 1995 spy thriller ‘Golden Eye’ was filmed here. After falling over 700 feet, a martini may definitely be in order.

5. AJ Hackett Skypark Sochi, Russia. This site combines the pleasures of walking 650 feet above land on a suspension bridge and jumping off of it. Air divers can select their departure point of choice along the 18-hundred-foot walkway.

4. The Kolnbrein Dam, Malta, Carthinia, Austria. The opportunity to launch oneself off of a dam that’s over 500 feet high is rare. The novelty is reflected in the price, as it of the most expensive bungee excursions out there.

3. Taupo Bungy, Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Talk about a grand finale, this place gives the option of plummeting straight into the ice cold water below. The depth of the immersion can be customized.

2. Sky Breakers, Finland. Bridges and dams are great, but the problem for some is that they only build them so high. Thanks to this team of event organizers, the chosen can push off from a hot air balloon floating 6000 feet up in the sky.

1. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland. Once you’ve mastered jumping off of the site’s shaky bridge, consider doing it in the dark. Every now and again they offer moonlight events.


I think Bloukrans sounds the most exciting. Getting blown around by all that wind would really heighten the experience while you’re hanging at the bottom of the fall!

Main image by Nicolas Baltenneck


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