5 Smart Safety Tips for Traveling to Any Country

5 Smart Safety Tips for Traveling to Any Country

Here’s a few tips for all you would-be travelers out there who’re looking to make your trip the most enjoyable it can be:

The 5 Travel Tips:

1. Enroll in the STEP program. Really love this tip. First time I’ve heard of the program. https://step.state.gov/step/
2. Have decent trip insurance. Make sure you’re covered against all the most common variables, including if you were to pass on suddenly while traveling.
3. Wear a money belt or neck pouch for your credit cards and passport.
4. Don’t tell the whole world exactly where you are. This sounds funny, but you don’t want some stalker cornering you in your hotel or whatever.
5. Empty your wallet for only needed items and copy those items on a sheet of paper.


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