25 Disneyland Fun Facts Everyone Should Know

25 Disneyland Fun Facts Everyone Should Know

I’m going to be heading to the earthquake state this summer for some sun and fun — and will be hitting Disneyland for a day or two also.

Some of these fun facts are really cool and gave me some really cool “hidden” gems to look for in the park:

One of the most interesting things I got from this vid was the lengths Walt went to control trash being thrown around his park. I’ve personally never been to Disneyland yet, but I can’t imagine the work involved for the park staff when it comes to keeping those trashcans empty!

If you know any other interesting things I should look out for on my trip, which aren’t listed in the video, feel free to post them in the comments.

Happy and safe travels!





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  1. OMG he is seriously just the sweetest! You are so lucky to have such an adorable little dude! (if mike and i ever have kids – th721#8t&a;s seriously my biggest fear – we are gonna have a freaky looking baby) 😛 normal – right? 🙂


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