Incredible and Inspirational Photography From Patagonia

Incredible and Inspirational Photography From Patagonia

If you’re an amateur or professional photog, Patagonia is a region of South America that is sure to make you rack up the gigs on your digital camera. To me, visiting Patagonia isn’t about experiencing the culture at all. It’s all about feasting the eyes on the natural land and skyscapes this place offers. It’s really quite a spiritual experience.

Unbelievable Dreamy Cloudscape in “Caleta Cordova” (Chubut)

“Perito Moreno Glacier” (Near Cafayate)

Stunning “Torres del Paine National Park” (Chile)

Yet Another Stunning View of “Torres del Paine National Park” (Chile)

“Rio Negro Floodplain” as Seen From Space (Chubut)

“Glacier’s National Park” (Santa Cruz)

Living the Simple Life in “El Chalten” (Argentina)

The Splendiforous “Lake Bay” (Chile)

By José Rodríguez
By José Rodríguez

View From Atop the Enchanting “El Chalten Ice Field” (Chile)


Main image by Paolo Macorig



  1. Beautiful pictures! Patagonia is one of my favorite places!

    • Hey Maja,

      Yeah, it’s probably my favorite place to visit when it comes to surreal beauty. Though my “favorites” change constantly!

  2. Beautiful pictures of Patagonia! Your passion for natural beauty is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Janeen! Glad to meet a like-minded naturist! Happy travels.


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