Learn to Speak Italian Using Your Hands

Learn to Speak Italian Using Your Hands

As many of us have learned throughout life, Italians love to use their hands when they’re speaking. Many of you will likely be quite surprised to learn that these hand gestures are actually a language unto themselves. Learning some of these unique gestures can help you blend in while traveling this great country, and perhaps help you communicate when the the words just don’t come.

If you aren’t Italian, you’ll find this short video to be both insightful and rather amusing. Learn what all those crazy hand waving and twirling gestures are actually telling you:

The one that most Americans are likely to recognize is the “I don’t care” gesture that’s made by scratching the underside of the chin with the back of your fingers. Every mob movie features this movement at least once, am I right?

I’ve always heard that this was a huge insulting gesture to make to traditional Italians. Wow! “I don’t care” isn’t necessarily a complimentary thing to say to somebody no matter what continent you’re on, but I’ve met more than a few Italians and if someone does this to them, it’s fight time! So don’t scratch that itch under your chin while talking to someone in “boot country!”

Can anyone tell me what the gesture in the main image means? You might be thinking it means “A-Ok” but it doesn’t!

Main image by Andreea Chelaru



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