Top 5 Friendly Countries to Meet Amazing Women

Top 5 Friendly Countries to Meet Amazing Women

1. The Netherlands

Blonde hair, bright eyed beauties like the girl in the picture are everywhere in the Netherlands! Women here are very laid back and real. There’s no phoniness or playing silly games. If they like your style, they’ll let you know it! I have to admit that I’m pretty biased putting this country as my number one, but I doubt there are too many fellas who’ve visited this region of Europe who can strongly disagree.

2. Sweden

Yet another Dutch country, Sweden is also home to some of the most beautiful and approachable women. The Swedes might even be more approachable than the girls you’ll find in the Netherlands, with a very bubbly personality and willingness to laugh if you like to tell jokes. Unbelievably gorgeous ladies to be found here fellas.

3. Australia

Australian women were born to party and love to play hard too, often being very sporty and in great shape. They’re a little more fickle than the women found in the Dutch isles, but are still approachable and ready to engage in some flirty conversation. You will need to bring a little game with you to Oz though, they won’t laugh at your awkwardness like the Swedish girls do!

4. Argentina

Many of the Latin beauties you’ll find in Argentina are very friendly and a little less uptight than you’ll find in North America and many different areas of Europe. They enjoy a good joke and the country has hands down some of the most gorgeous women imaginable.

5. Russia

Russian women have been given a bad rap over the years for being snobbish and stern. This couldn’t be any further from the truth though — Russian woman love foreign men and will be very willing to engage in conversation with you, even if there’s a language barrier, which is much different than let’s say Paris. Hit the Moscow club scene if you want to meet the most exciting and approachable Russian girls.


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