Town of Wonderment: Hallstatt, Austria

Town of Wonderment: Hallstatt, Austria

People go to Hallstatt to enjoy the relaxing fresh air put off by the nearby mountains, to enjoy the smooth waters of the Hallstatter See (lake) and the small town atmosphere. Another interesting fact about this place is that the world’s first pipeline was built here, using 40 kilometers worth of hollowed out logs joined together to move salt brine from Hallstatt to the market town of Ebensee.

The town has less than 10,000 inhabitants, many of which are some of the wealthiest people in Austria. Look at this gorgeous architecture and all the flowers!

It’s a cultural World Heritage site and within its boundaries you’ll find the worlds very first ever salt mine.

There is so little room for a cemetery here that they have to dig up there dead after they’ve been buried for ten years and moved to an ossuary.

Hill and mountainside views can be found anywhere throughout this cozy town.

Food is expensive and so are hotels, averaging around $90 a night. Find little open restaurant stands like this one for some cheap and yummy local Frankfurters.

Hallstatt really sparkles in the winter months.

See the mountains via the town’s inexpensive cable car system.

Just incredible scenery!


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