What a Happy World Traveler Would Tell Her Younger Self (#Dear Me)

What a Happy World Traveler Would Tell Her Younger Self (#Dear Me)

While the #DearMe movement is slowly waning down on Twitter right now, I think it’s something that we all have to consider when putting off all the big and little goals we have in life. World travel is a goal that everyone has, but few ever actually take action on.

Take a look at what “Hey Nadine” has to tell her 15 year old self about all the incredible experiences she’ll embark on after finishing school:

You know, it really could be you telling your younger self about all the continents you’ve visited, the cultures you’ve had the opportunity to observe and be a part of, and the many friends you’ve made who you’d not of otherwise met if you just spent your life traveling on one or two different patches of earth.

On the other side of the “Dear Me” scenario, you could be one of millions of unsatisfied people who die every year saying “I wish I had” to their younger self. Not a very good way to go, in my opinion.

Here’s Mine

Stop over-thinking things and just go for it. Life really is short and regrets only make it seem even more so….


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