25 Cheap Travel Tips

25 Cheap Travel Tips

Here’s a boatload of great tips you can use to make/save money while traveling abroad:

25 Great Cheap Travel Tips:

  1. House Swap: Hey, if you own a home but still want to travel, why not?
  2. House Sit: There are tons of housesitting opportunities all over. If you don’t find the one you want at this link, just Google “housesitting”.
  3. Volunteer: Again, there are tons of sites and resources for this.
  4. Rent: Rent out your property while on the road.
  5. Carpool: Download the carpool app to find carpooling opportunities in North America and Europe.
  6. Hitchhike: Hitchhiking is a normal form of travel in most places outside North America.
  7. Crew a yacht: If the ocean’s your thing, go for it.
  8. Work on a cruise ship: Tons of jobs like this, they usually want to run a background check, so keep that in mind if you have a sketchy past.
  9. Transport other people’s vehicles:
  10. Work at a hostel: You don’t need a work visa if you just work in exchange for your lodging and any meals that are supplied. Not all hostels will do this.
  11. Do some odd jobs: There’s always someone looking for a worker.
  12. Accept a challenge: Do something crazy for charity and find sponsors to fund your travels.
  13. WWOOF: Check out this link, if organic farming is in your field of interest. You give 4 – 6 hours of your time, in exchange for food and accommodations — and 18 – 20 hours of freedom in the country of choice!
  14. Avoid souvenirs: They can eat up your savings and may add to your luggage fees.
  15. Organize a group tour: Never heard of this one.
  16. Get a travel scholarship:
  17. Fly smart: Sacrifice your comfort and save.
  18. Enter a contest: Let me Google that for you!
  19. Couch surf: There are good and bad experiences to be had. Not for everyone but can make for a great experience.
  20. Eat smart: Don’t get crazy with the fast food.
  21. Tip smart: Not all countries appreciate tips, others only expect a fraction of what you might think’s required.
  22. Go with it: ????
  23. Travel slow: You don’t need to see everything all at once.
  24. Bring a tent: Tents are cheaper than hotels.
  25. Drive fast and take chances: ????

There were a couple that aren’t necessarily cost saving tips. But hey: most of them are spot on cheap travel tips.

Main image by Eric Parker

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