CouchSurfing Tips for Maximum Safety and Fun

CouchSurfing Tips for Maximum Safety and Fun

There are some great tips in the following video to help hosts and couchsurfers alike:

Key Takeaway CouchSurfing Tips:

  • Read the profile.
  • Look for verification from other hosts or surfers.
  • Try to find people who share your interests.
  • Both hosts and surfers need to be open to new experiences and interested in making friends.
  • Host should offer more than just a place to stay, such as tours of the area or other special events.
  • Surfers need to be willing to help with chores (don’t be a lazy guest!)
  • Always leave an honest reference and rating on your host/surfers profile for future.

I liked the one lady who’s open to letting new surfers stay in her home. After all, everyone has to start somewhere right?

Please share your own experiences and tips in the comments. Couchsurfing is a movement that will only continue to gain popularity and we all have to help one another stay safe, while also promoting a positive image about this awesome travel budget saving social wave!

Happy and safe travels!

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