Most Romantic Cities in Europe for an Unforgettable Springtime Getaway!

Most Romantic Cities in Europe for an Unforgettable Springtime Getaway!

5. Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the top romantic getaway destinations any time of the year! However, spring is best because the winters are very cool and the summers extremely hot and humid (summer starts around the first of July). The “Floating City” is made of 117 small islands inter-connected by countless canals which are perfect for getting you and your partner into a loving, romantic mood. As you can imagine, a city surrounded by water will also have plenty of seafood to choose from. I recommend sharing a plate of freshly baked oysters if you’re looking to get into baby-making-mode while visiting the city.

By Tim Sackton

“Bridge of Sighs” by Tim Sackton

4. Zurich, Switzerland

Though it isn’t the capital of Switzerland, it might as well be! Zurich is the biggest, funnest and most beautiful city in the country and the official transportation hub too. Lake Zurich is a major attraction, dotted with amazing Swiss/German architecture, romantic restaurants and cafes, sailboat rentals, museums, hiking trails through thousands of acres of natural forest and the Swiss Alps just a short 30km drive from the city center. Plan to stay for a week or two in order to enjoy all that this very laid-back city has to offer you and your springtime lover!

"Zurich Waterfront" by Evgenii

“Lake Zurich” by Evgenii

3. Santorini, Greek Islands

What could possibly be a more romantic place to spend with your loved one than being nestled atop a cliff-based city steeped in a history of love and uninhibited sexual desire? Once called Thera, Santorini is thought to have been the inspiration for Plato’s Atlantis. The volcanic eruption that took place in 1450 B.C. was one of the biggest cataclysms to ever hit the earth, destroying the Minoan civilization on nearby Crete. The remaining landscape left from the eruption’s wake makes for the ultimate seaside romantic getaway. Enjoy arguably, the most romantic food on the planet: Greek cuisine, in one of the many restaurants that dot this amazing clifftop city.

"Santorini, Greece" by Robert Young

“Santorini, Greece” by Robert Young

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna in springtime is intoxicating! And Vienna in the spring at night is the ultimate romance-inspiring experience with gorgeous city lights dancing across the many cobblestone walkways, canals, and lakefronts throughout. The Baroque architecture including the stunning parliament building, several amazing churches, theaters, and awe-inspiring palaces and gardens are sure to get you both in the mood for love! The cuisine is a mixed bag of Viennese fare but the Wiener Schnitzeland world-renowned pastries and deserts should be high on your agenda after a day of sight seeing and public kisses in the city’s many amazing parks.

by Franz Jachim

“Wienfluss, Vienna at Night” by Franz Jachim

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There’s just something about canals and medieval architecture that brings out the romantic in all of us! You might have expected Paris to be on the top of the list, but “The City of Love” makes the top of every list of romantic cities. If you want to do what all the other lovers worldwide are doing this spring, go to France. If you want to experience all the ingredients needed for a great romantic getaway, head to The Netherlands’ capital! Springtime offers the best weather, as winter is chilly and summer and fall are rather balmy. What is there to do for lovers, you ask? Carefree boat rides down what seems like endless canals, surreal Gothic Renaissance architecture throughout, museums, churches, the very best European and Asian cuisine, incredible (but expensive) hotels, amazing fashion districts (Negen Straatjes, Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk) selling the latest and greatest from all over the world….

"Amsterdam" by mau_ry

“Amsterdam” by mau_ry

Just look at these views!

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