Bizarre Laws From Around the World That can Actually Spell Trouble for Travelers

Bizarre Laws From Around the World That can Actually Spell Trouble for Travelers

I have to admit that some of these laws are downright unbelievable. I sure as heck don’t know who enforces them, but these are legitimate things you can do in various countries that are actually punishable by law!

Bizarre Laws From Around the World

Now some of these laws are quite practical, such as the chewing gum ban in Thailand. Being a non-chewer myself, I find this law to be a great way to control litter. I wish more countries would do this with cigarettes too — not necessarily banning them altogether, but rather making it illegal to arbitrarily throw the butts wherever you please. I mean, trash is trash right?

The Oklahoma service dog law is a funny one, but smart too. Those dogs have an important job and shouldn’t be distracted!

How about the puddle rule in Japan? What an excellent law and one that I was never aware of during any of my travels there. How many of us have suffered a major soaker due to an all-too-knowing driver who purposely swerves into a puddle as they fly by us? I know I’ve been nailed a few times. Good for you Japan!

The New Zealand rooster ban in hot air balloons? Hah! Jeez Louise! Who comes up with this stuff? So strange how a sheep, duck and a rooster were the very first living mammals to fly in one in the first place.

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Happy and safe (legal) travels!


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