The World’s Funnest and Strange Airports

The World’s Funnest and Strange Airports

I just had to show this to all you would-be travel junkies out there!

Here’s a bunch of the weirdest airports around the world that offer sites and services above and beyond the check-ins desk and airport security wing:



Oh wow! Massages in Thailand. Skating in Korea. Butterfly enclosures in Singapore. How about the Helter Skelter slide in France?

As far as the world’s downright strangest airports. Visit the 55 square-mile Denver Airport, steeped in rumors about aliens being held captive underground, Free Masons taking over the world, Illuminati cover ups, cryptic artwork messages from the New World Order, and much more. This is truly one of the creepiest places in the world as far as I’m concerned — especially the strange art work!

Love Jessie Ventura’s investigation at the airport:









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