Check out the Best in Mainland Southeast Asian Cuisine

Check out the Best in Mainland Southeast Asian Cuisine

This graphic shows some of the better tasting dishes you can expect to sample when traveling through south-east Asia:

Tastes of Thailand

Southeast Asia really understands how to marry sweet, sour and spicy into some of the tastiest cuisine on the planet, don’t they? One of the more appealing talents is how they’re able to make some of the harsher-tasting fish proteins into spectacular, world-renowned flavor experiences you’ll find on any continent.

Cambodian and Thai are some of my favorite cuisine the world over. Each really has the sweet and salty contrasts nailed down in their food perfectly.

Here are a few of my own suggestions for each country listed, which did not make the graphic:

  1. Cambodia: Bai Sach Chrouk has to be tried at least once while you’re there! Yummy, smokey pork with rice, pickled cucumber, and mangos on the side. Awesome taste explosion!
  2. Laos: Chicken Lob is one of the tastiest and filling chicken dishes you’ll eat while in Laos. It’s really good with ginger, mint, cilantro and sticky rice that’ll really inspire you to get your feed bag on! If you like a different protein, try “Beef Lob”, “Duck Lob”, etc. Imagine they might even have a Lobster Lob somewhere.
  3. Thailand: Man, the Thais now how to use spice to make amazing food — though some dishes can be unbearable for the spice-averse! I love so many, but I’ll suggest Green Curry Chicken as a must have. Green curry and a variety of other spices are simmered into coconut, then moist chicken and other veggies are added on top. Marvelous!
  4. Vietnam: I love eating spring rolls “goi cuon” when in Thailand. There are tons of varieties with seafood, beef, chicken and more. Though I wouldn’t eat them this way today, I looooove the battered variety. Asian cuisine has the best batter recipes!
  5. Burma: Dim Sum anything! Why would you eat anything else in Myanmar? It’s all food to die for!

Happy and safe travels!


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