40 VERY REAL Travel Scams to Avoid This Year

40 VERY REAL Travel Scams to Avoid This Year

This graphic is a must read, must bookmark for anyone traveling anywhere in the world in the coming weeks/months.

The graphic includes a description of each scam and where they’re most common:

Travel Scams Graphic

Source: http://www.justtheflight.co.uk/blog/16-40-tourist-scams-to-avoid-this-summer.html

Man! Are you as mind-boggled as I am about the clever ways thieves have figured out to separate us from our money?

The dropped wallet is definitely a clever one, though by no means the most clever. But it is a smart move. While most girls will have their wallet in their purse or backpack, modern men don’t always put theirs in their back pocket as was common several years ago.

One main takeaway I want everyone to realize is that NOTHING is free when you’re a traveler. Unless you’re among friends, you really need to be savvy about anything free (nuts, pictures, what ever) being offered to you. Same goes for anyone coming up to you with a pity story: we’re all human, but most strangers won’t approach someone telling them all their doom and gloom unless they have a hidden agenda. Usually one that involves you pulling your wallet out, or having it forcibly taken from you!

Happy and safe travels!

Main image by Glenn Loos-Austin




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