Really Simple Wine-Packing-Hack Anyone Can Use

Really Simple Wine-Packing-Hack Anyone Can Use

I’m sure there are at least a few of you who’ve had a mid-air, wine-spilling disaster happen in your suitcase at some point.

Not only is the precious alcoholic cargo destroyed, but when the wine’s red, so to will be all the clothes that are in the suitcase with it. Not to mention the price of the wine itself — if you’re going to the trouble to bring it home, or to your destination — chances are it has some value.

I thought this trick was rather ingenious and inexpensive:

Easy enough right? I’m an inventive guy, but I just never thought of carrying wine or other precious bottled liquid cargo in a water wing.

So cool!

Have any wine-transporting hacks of your own? Leave em in the comments.

Happy and safe travels!




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