International Driving Laws Tourist Need to be Aware of

International Driving Laws Tourist Need to be Aware of

Some of these will really get a laugh out of some of you. Others will make you go “Hmmm?” Still others can save you from hefty fines when driving your rental car in select countries.

International Driving Laws

Some of these laws are actually quite practical and should be adopted by all countries such as checking under your car before you start it, to ensure nobody’s underneath in Denmark; making sure you have a fire extinguisher and other safety gear in the car while driving in Turkey; and for the love of all that’s holy, YES, don’t tie a dog to the top of your car! (?)

Some, on the other hand are downright ridiculous:

You can’t drive on Mondays in the Philippines if your license plate ends in 1 or 2 — bet that makes for some tense moments at their version of the DMV!

Same with Spain and their odd house numbers on uneven days? Jeepers…

Californian women can’t wear a nightgown while driving — OR buff their car using used underwear?

Come on, what has this world come to?

Gorilla in the backseat in Mass? Oye vey, how did that law come into effect?

Any ridiculous driving rules from around the world that you want to chime in with? Leave em in the comments, please and thanks.


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