7 Ways to be a Better Traveler

7 Ways to be a Better Traveler

Here are 7 tips for being the best traveler you can be:

1. Don’t Over Pack:

Really try to streamline everything in your luggage. Mark gave an excellent tip about lifting your luggage or pack above your head: if you can’t do it, then you’ve got too much, and both you and any service staff you encounter will have trouble “lugging” your stuff around.

2. Research in Advance:

Research the sites you want to see, to make sure you know when places are actually open, days when fees might be lower, etc. Have a detailed itinerary.

3. Complaining About the Differences

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand incessant complainers. Especially when you’re traveling someplace new with one. The whole point of traveling is to experience something different. If you’re just traveling to get away from home but don’t want to experience much of anything new — go to a resort in Mexico, lay on the beach all day and drink margaritas!

4. Dress for Your Destination:

Wear the right clothes and footwear for the place you’re traveling to. Flip-flops are terrible on mountain faces, cashmere sweaters don’t last too long in the heat/humidity of the jungle, etc.

5. Eat Foods Outside Your Comfort Zone:

There are times when I will even break this rule. I don’t eat brains — no thank you! Not big on most insects, though grasshoppers can be tasty… I don’t know what to tell you about this, but don’t just look for the nearest McDonalds or pizza shop where you travel.

6. Know the Rules:

This is simple-stupid stuff. This comes back to doing your research before you go. Check out my latest post about driving rules around the world if you think you can fly by the seat of your pants and get by unscathed.

7. People Don’t Want to Hear Your Conversations:

Keep your voice down when you’re on public transportation. This is a sure sign to others that you’re just a dumb, arrogant tourist.


Have any travel tips of your own to share?

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