Best Make Out Spots in New Zealand

Best Make Out Spots in New Zealand

New Zealand is hot news among travelers getting ready to get their spring and summer vacay on.

Here’s some of the country’s most picturesque and romantic locations to enjoy some love pecks with your significant other, including some interesting facts about each location:

Kissing Spots in New Zealand

Hey, it ain’t Paris but I think New Zealand just might have the love capital beat in terms of real natural beauty.

Perhaps the most strange location listed in the graphic was the Franz Josef Glacier. I found it strange because I’m pretty sure that’s the last place most women would want to go! Hey, I’m not expert, so tell me if any of you gals disagree. Personally, I love the cold so that place definitely would make the top of my personal list (if I were making one that is!)

Please share your own favorite in the comments and don’t forget to pass this off to couples you know who’re looking for a romantic getaway in the coming months.


Main image by Dan Nelson








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