Make Money Traveling With Just a Laptop

Make Money Traveling With Just a Laptop

Ever wonder how all these YouTube vloggers make money while taking their viewers to some of the most exotic locales around the world?

Here’s several ways Mark Wiens uses to make money traveling in order to fund he and his wife’s travel adventures:

Here’s a quick recap:


1. Affiliate Links on Blog & Vlog

This basically means earning a small commission as a referral. There are many companies (places like Amazon and for hotels) that offer a commission if you refer someone to a purchase. It’s important that you recommend things you actually use. If you don’t, let visitors know that it’s a sponsored post or something which people you trust have used and recommended. Recommending hotels and restaurants you’ve visited and offering a referral link for your reader or viewer to use is another great way to make some cash.

2. Create Travel Guides & Sell Them

Mark is an established authority obviously, because he started a blog and YouTube vlog when he started his travel journey. Once you’re established and have faithful followers, this can become a very easy passive income stream that you can continue expanding to infinity.

3. Freelance Writing

You don’t have to have a following to do this. However, guys like Mark get offered great brand-building opportunities because of their followers, and by guest posting on other travel blogs and by being interviewed by other vloggers and news media. It’s really easy to find work on Internet marketing forum classifieds and freelance job-finding sites like or even (though Fiverr is harder to scale and make money with when it comes to writing).

4. Videos on YouTube

This isn’t as easy as it might appear, but if you get lots of views on your videos, you’ll make money through adsense ads and other revenue opportunities that will avail themselves as you build a following. Check out this article to learn how much some YT stars make.

Do you make money while traveling that’s different from those listed above? Share your method down below.


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