Why Spain is Such an Awesome Tourist Destination

Why Spain is Such an Awesome Tourist Destination

This infograph is a couple of years old but it caught my eye because it predicts Spain as the top destination for 2015. There’s a lot of great info to be gleaned below including sites to see, accommodations

Why Travel to Spain?

It appears Marrakech, Morroco beat out Spain for the top spot on the traveler’s destination list for 2015, at least according to the Traveler’s Choice rankings. However, most of us can agree that there are a lot of benefits to seeing the country. Interesting that they’re so high up on the UNESCO rankings list.

It really is the go-to country for foodies, though I have to admit the UK is my fave place to go for the purest and most culturally diverse in fine dining. British chefs are so cultured and know how to mix up cuisine from all over the planet better than any other, in my opinion.

Speaking of the UK, Spain is super-passionate about their football too (soccer if you’re American and reading this).

The carnivals and various events throughout the country are pure awesomeness; Spaniards really know how to party it up! Here’s a list of most of the year’s events in Spain that are worth checking out:


Ready to book your flight, or have you already?

Happy and safe travels!


Main image by CameliaTWU

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