Countries That are Impossible or Near-Impossible to Visit

Countries That are Impossible or Near-Impossible to Visit

It’s sad that any human being has to feel unwelcome in a new and exciting country.

However there are some places that just don’t want tourists visiting them:

How wild is it that North Korea will consider granting entry to an American (though it is really tough) but not a South Korean? Still, not on my bucket list — hard labor camps, indefinite imprisonment and death are not on my travel itinerary at any time.

Libya? Beautiful country but the violence and potential for kidnapping make this place too dangerous for foreigners. Especially if you’re Israeli!

Eritrea? Did anyone else know where this place was before watching the vid?

Saudi Arabia is another shame. So much culture and history there, but the possibility for safe travel in that place seems like a far-off dream, potentially never if the last century is any indication.

Check out the most recent travel warnings from the state department here:

What do you guys think about these restrictions? Are there any listed that you really want to see or is it no biggie?


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