10 Totally Epic Trips You Need to do in Your 20’s

10 Totally Epic Trips You Need to do in Your 20’s

College is already out for the summer for many of you who’re currently working toward a degree. For others, you’ve just finished or perhaps you’ve never started and are looking for the next breath-taking adventure in your life.

This awesomely-motivating video is just for you!

There’s really nothing missing from the video when it comes to suggestions:

  • Road-tripping it is always awesome — skateboarding behind the vehicle you’re traveling in is sure to get your poor parents and love ones screaming at you through the phone though!
  • Europe via a global pass is a must if you truly want to go wherever the “rail” takes you.
  • Hells yeah! Spring break it at Mardi Gras or Miami at least once!
  • Obviously Thailand is a must for any youngin. Just don’t get lost there and end up being a tropical island beach bum for life!
  • Burning Man, Bonnaroo? You can do that at any age!
  • Remote camping trips are for people of all ages to. Though I’d recommend if you’re in your 20’s maybe consider applying to do a Naked and Afraid episode while you’re still strong and resilient.
  • A week in Paris? That’s probably the biggest cliche suggestion on the list, but I’m sure at least a few of you are game.

Not in the video but still an amazing idea:

  • By all means, if you’re financially-gifted (ie., have $250,000 to drop), sign on for a Virgin Galactic Suborbital Tour to space. If they ever get the bugs worked out, you may be one of the first twenty-something space tourists ever! (the average age of an astronaut is 34).

Happy and safe travels!


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