Call to all Independent-Minded Women: Be a Badass and Travel Alone!

Call to all Independent-Minded Women: Be a Badass and Travel Alone!

I’ve met so many strong women who choose to travel alone.

This is your call girls — go out and harness all that travel has to offer you!

You don’t need to travel with other people to feel like the experiences you have traveling are valid. Travel on your own and let the road take you where it will. For too long the image of a grungy bearded man has been the image most people have of a lone traveler. It’s time for you gals to get out there and change the perception; to have personal travel experiences to share that are yours and yours alone.

Think of how freeing it will be to make all your own decisions — where you’ll go tomorrow, what you’ll be eating, who you do and do not choose to talk to along the way.

One of the ladies in the video made a comment about nobody she knows having any idea where in the world she is at any given moment. I can’t honestly recommend taking it that far. However, if that’s what floats your boat down the mysterious river of life, have at it!

At least check in via a “one-way” email with a loved one every day. Tell them you may not answer any replies that they send, but that if you’re not heard from every day or every other day, that something may be wrong and to contact the appropriate powers that be to locate you. Heck, this is just a precaution though — pave your own road and don’t come back until traveling starts to make you feel jaded!

Go with the flow until then. Peace ladies.

Happy and safe travels!


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