Become a Blogger and go Anywhere for Free!

Become a Blogger and go Anywhere for Free!

I love seeing the rise to fame of travel bloggers and vloggers. These guys and gals start with nothing more than a passion for traveling outside their comfort zone, then after gaining a following have tons of hotels, airlines, resorts, etc., lining up to give them free stuff in exchange for promotion to followers. Man, what a life.

This vid goes over some of the good times and bad that Brooke Saward, founder of has experienced during her largely “free” travel adventures over the last year:

The life of a travel hungry mover-and-shaker. Wow!

Obviously this girl has had some ups and downs. She started out funding her own travels, worked her buns off documenting her experiences and posting them to a blog, and now travels — seemingly — in the lap of luxury.

Not a bad way to get around and see parts of the world that many will never experience…

(Such a shame such a pretty lady feels the need to cut alcohol and men out of her life at such an early age, am I right?)

What do you think: Is creating a travel blog to fund your travels easier said than done in this day and age?

Anyone out there considering doing this sort of thing?

Happy and safe travels!






  1. There is no shame in cutting out alcohol and men from her life. Why is that a shame? Maybe for you, of course, but for her, definitely not. Everyone is different and because one thing doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it works for someone else. Something to remember. I do agree with you on the funding of travel with a blog being easier said than done. It takes a LOT of hard work to have a blog that sticks out from other travel blogs (or other blogs in general) out there as there really are so many. With a bit of perseverance though, it can be done.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’d say that well over 90 percent of travelers in their 20’s, particularly those who aren’t married, drink a lot of booze. The video made a point of mentioning that she purposely cut boys and booze out of her life; implying it was a sacrifice. Mind you if someone chooses not to drink because it’s not their thing, then that’s totally cool. Lotsa love and happy travels!


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