European Money Saving Travel Tips

European Money Saving Travel Tips

This graphic has all the great money saving trips you’ll need for your next European travel vacation including transportation, accommodations, meals, and places to avoid if you’re on a tight budget:

Europe Travel Money Saving Tips

Many of these have been offered up on this blog before, but there were a few that caught my experienced eye:

1. Eating in University districts that cater to starving students:

If you’re a North American, you’ve probably never made a distinction like this in your own country. Landlords in these areas have to lower their rates to bring in students, but I never thought about food prices. Maybe you did though? (I try to learn at least one new thing every day!) Great tip if you’re a budget traveler.

2. Buy a bus or metro pass if you’re spending any time in a set area:

Another great tip to avoid expensive taxi fares or one-off tickets on the city metro.

3. Definitely get a credit/debit card with no foreign transaction fees:

The other tips for saving on fees are great, but this is the only one a modern traveler needs. Forget “buying” foreign cash before you go or after you land. You can stop at an ATM for transportation and meal money if needed. You’ll need more Euro cash when traveling remotely, but most places have debit machines available for purchases.

Pass this along if you know someone gearing up for travel abroad in the coming weeks. It could save them a bundle in travel expenses, including conversion and transaction fees.

Happy and safe travels!


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