Budget Travel Adventure in Mexico City

Budget Travel Adventure in Mexico City

If you’ve never been to Mexico, but visited other popular tropical destinations, you’ll be really shocked at how cheap the luxury accommodations Gabriel Morris enjoys during his stay in Mexico City:

Pretty awesome from the get-go, right?

$40 for a stay in that hotel is an epic rate for such a clean and open room. Sure, you can pay $20 a night for a hotel room in Vietnam, but I find the areas offering such rates are usually a bit seedy. The hotel Gabe’s staying at looks great inside and out, and not far from the tourist hotspots.

Obviously the street food is where the real deal on food is, since the restaurant breakfast for $6 is only a dollar or two cheaper than what you’d pay at Denny’s in the states. Street food rules on price wherever you go!

If you’re worried about the safety concerns of traveling to Mexico, check out this video (also by Gabriel) dispelling some of the common myths that exist which make people wary of going there:

Happy and safe travels!


Main image by Sierra C. Photography






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