US Travelers Flouting Cuban Travel Ban

US Travelers Flouting Cuban Travel Ban

If you’re an american who wants to travel to cuba, but are afraid of the current travel ban placed on the country by the Obama administration, fear not! It’s easy to circumvent the rule:

All you have to do is head to Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas or Cayman islands, before jumping on a connecting flight to the land of great cigars and timeless vintage classics you may have never seen outside an auto museum before.

I would say that doing so is strangely unpatriotic, but several expert sources including the following really make you wonder if the US government is really serious about the ban in the first place:

Attorney Robert Muse, an expert on the legal aspects of Cuba travel, says “there’s been almost no active enforcement” of the tourism ban under the Obama administration. He added that the increase in US visitors to Cuba is “what the Obama administration wants … They favor engagement. That’s why they take this liberalized approach to travel” (source)

If they’re not serious about enforcing it, one has to wonder why they’re forcing the added flight expenses on travelers?

Happy and safe travels!


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