The 6 Most Expensive Hotels on the Planet

The 6 Most Expensive Hotels on the Planet

You won’t believe some of the going rates at these hotels!

Some Pretty Pricey Accommodations!

6 & 5. Paris, France: The Park Hyatt and Hotel George V.

The Park Hyatt features and luxurious room with a steam shower, a whirlpool bath, a massage table, and a breathtaking view of the city for over $14,000 per night. Hotel George V is right in the city and shopping center of Paris, and rooms go for over $15,000 per night. The likely reason for the pricing is not just in amenities, but the prime location being just off the Champs Elysee.

4. Geneva, Switzerland: Le Richemond

Le Richemond is an amazing hotel with bullet-proof windows and incredible views of the Swiss Alps. If you want to stay in the Royal Suite, be ready to pay up $16,680 per night.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Burj Al Arab Hotel

Stands on an artificial island and the suite comes with your own chauffeur, a Rolls Royce, plus your own helicopter. Staying at this hotel costs over $16,680 per night as well, but at least you get to enjoy some incredible and fabulous luxuries and amenities.

2. Moscow, Russia: Ritz Carlton

If you’re ever in Moscow, Russia, be sure to head over to the Ritz Carlton for incredible views of the city, Caviar, a bottle of rare vodka, and a private spa in a room of over 2,000 square feet, all for $17,355 per night.

1. Athens, Greece: Grand Resort Langonissi

The room is actually a villa that has a heated pool, a private beach, a private chef, and your own pianist to play you all of your favorite songs. The going rate for the villa goes for $47,527 per night.


Main image by Charlotte Chen

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