The World’s 8 Cheapest Countries to Live and Travel in

The World’s 8 Cheapest Countries to Live and Travel in

The great thing about traveling is that you get to see beautiful, magical and mystical locales, often for much less money than it would cost you to stay at home — depending on where you live of course!

Some of these are countries I’ve visited extensively, and still others will have to remain on a rather long bucket list. There are 196 currently to choose from, after all!

Here they are, along with the general cost of living expenses. Keep in mind that many of these are located in developing countries, some with serious political and/or religious problems. While they’d be lovely to spend time in, they just might not be do-able at this time.

01. India

India’s cost of living is just over $26 a day. If you can stand the heat (I can’t personally) and the fact that this is the second most densely populated place in the world, India’s a great country to take an extended stay in. The people here are awesome but the smog, pollution and traffic can be a bummer. But the cool Himalayan mountain range is never far off anywhere you go, if you need to cool off and get some fresh air!


The cost of living in Nepal is a bit higher at nearly $29, but with the Himalayas all around you, and sandwiched between China and Bangladesh, this is a wonderful place to spend some quality time rejuvenating. Few places in the world offer fresher air than you’ll find here. It’s a highly spiritual place to visit too.

03. Pakistan

Pakistan is a cheap place to travel, with a cost of living of just $31. I’d love to recommend it, since it’s one of the most geologically-diverse places to visit (snowy mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, etc.) However, it’s not considered safe for most North Americans, or really, considering terrorist attacks are still very common.

04. Tunisia

Another beautiful, yet chaotic country that might best be avoided due to civil unrest. Located in Northern Africa, Tunisia costs just $34 a day to live in and despite many in the country being poverty stricken, you’d never know it looking at the picture below.

05. Algeria

Algeria boasts a cost of living at just $34 a day. It’s the tenth most populated country in the world and sits on the coastline of the Mediterranean. Like many on this list, most travel advisories in the developed world advise against travel to Algeria due to the on-going social and political strife that exists here.

06. Moldova

Moldova costs just $35 a day to live and travel in. There is much poverty here, officially being the poorest country in Europe. However, there’s also lots of beauty with mountains, rivers, lakes and some really amazing old world architecture throughout. Due to the poverty level, tourists need to be wary of scams:

07. Egypt

Egypt costs just $37 a day to travel through. This is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, in my opinion. So much mysticism with the pyramids and ancient history going back to the earliest civilizations. Egyptian nights are the best in my opinion; especially in Cairo! Few urbanized cities offer such a clear view of nearly every star in the sky! Terrorism is a problem here, but it’s pretty indiscriminate with regards to your nationality. The US government suggests avoiding demonstrations and rallies, and in general to avoid isolated locations as well.

08. Macedonia

Macedonia has a cost of living of just $37.50 a day. The former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia is another gorgeous mix of climates and topography. While it has a storied history with plenty of unrest and changing of hands ownership-wise, it’s an amazing place to travel to, and one that’s very safe for travelers from all over too. It’s got a transitional Mediterranean/Continental climate with hot summers and wet, chilly winters. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and trees are everywhere here, so if you love the outdoors and fresh air, I’d highly recommend and extended stay here.

I know several of these countries are on the not recommended list by the US government and other travel advisory boards throughout the world, but with the exception of Pakistan and the north African countries mentioned, most are plenty safe if you exercise good judgement and keep abreast of what’s happening in these highly budget-friendly countries — before you go and during your stay.

Happy and safe travels!

Check this out for even more low-cost countries, along with some of those with the highest cost of living around the world:


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