Parkour + Travel = Pure Win!

Parkour + Travel = Pure Win!

This travel inspiration video shows a lot of really cool travel scenes through the lens of a Parkour expert and some of his buddies. You don’t need to be a fan of the sport (?) to enjoy this well-shot vid though.

Check it out:

I don’t imagine that many of us who just watched this are planning to go do crazy backflips while standing just inches from a certain death anytime soon, am I right?

How in the heck those guys become so proficient at leaping the distances they do — with pinpoint accuracy and timing to land on ledges and such that are only a few inches wide — is just plain incredible!

Still, I really love Joel’s lackadaisical attitude about spontaneous travel.

That’s total freedom if you ask me. What a happy and fulfilled life he must have.

Hope this inspired some of you to get out there and see some new scenery.

Happy and safe travels!


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