The Current Global Tipping Guide for Tourists

The Current Global Tipping Guide for Tourists

We at Uptourist know our visitors love “tipping tips”. After all, most of us want to show our appreciation for good service when we travel. And a select few want to know how little you can squeak by paying, without being branded as a cheap ass who’ll surely get their next meal spit on, or having your bags thrown around like a football — or worse!

In honor of this post about tipping in Europe, which many of you appreciated, I sought out to find a more global guide since Europe isn’t the be-all, end-all of travel destinations.

Global Tipping Guide

Imagine being detained by a restaurant because you received bad service that didn’t warrant a tip? If it were me, there better be some big (armed) dudes trying to lock me in! A quick Google Search shows this is VERY common. Holy moly!

So strange that it’s considered outright rude to tip in China and Japan when dining at a restaurant, but that there’s a minimum 10% expected tip at a hotel…

… I think they have it right in most other parts of the service sector though. While most restaurants and bars fail in their first year, and the majority of the rest fail before year 5, I don’t think it’s right for owners to pass off salary expenses to their customers. There’s just something wrong with that whole scenario, especially when it comes to fine dining establishments who charge a heftier premium for food and drinks.

C’est la vie…

I always tip 10 – 15% regardless of what country I’m in — with the exclusion of Japan (never been to China).

Tipping is important though, so if you’re not a tip-savvy individual, hopefully this guide helped you better understand what’s expected of you. We all have to do our part — I can tell you from plenty of experience working particularly in the foodservice industry, that there are people out there making and handling your food who you don’t want in a tizzy at you! Even if you under-tip but give something, most will let you escape their disgusting wrath!

I won’t share any stories, but if any of you are reading this and want to “enlighten” those who don’t tip as to the vengeful things you’ve seen in the food industry, feel free to chime in! Hotel staffers will definitely remember you too, if you tip well, and possibly give you future perks above and beyond that given to other regulars who do not offer a gratuity.

Peace and happy travels!


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