3 Totally Magical and Intriguing Travel Destinations You Must See!

3 Totally Magical and Intriguing Travel Destinations You Must See!

Just check out some of these views!

1. Mystic Forest — Sintra, Portugal

Straight out of a fantasy-land children’s book, the Mystic Forest is a mountaintop forest where true magic and fantasy abounds. Hit Pena Park on the right day and you’ll be met with sunshine in the dewy meadows where the Sintra trails allow entry into the dark, followed by the misty interior of the forest, scattered with age-old trees where many a secret meeting has been held over the years during wartime and strife! The best thing? There are several “hidden” treasures throughout, both natural and man made (think ancient castles and historical gems of all sorts.) I won’t spoil it too much for you though — just get over to Portugal and check it out!

2. Incredible Night Time Space Views — Republic of Maldives

You won’t get a better view of the nighttime sky than that found in the Maldives. The breathtaking beauty never takes a break, unless you’re in the middle of a monsoon or torrential downpour — even then, often the Maldives has some of the most incredible lightening shows you’ll ever witness!

3. Lake Natron — Tanzania, Africa

Lake Natron is quite simply an orgasm for the eyes when viewed from above. This entirely red-bottomed lake has a lot of mystery surrounding it, believed to petrify animals if they dare come in contact with it’s highly alkaline waters, filled with salt and bicarbonate. The Egyptians used to use the waters in their mummification process because of its ingredients. You can’t swim here, the pH levels are as high as 10.5 and temperatures from the hot-spring-fed lake can get up to 106F. Truly a travel hot-spot! Few animals live here, other than Pink Flamingos, Tilapia fish and a varied underwater ecosystem of algae. Look at the lake’s imposing size and revel in the fact that it wasn’t even discovered until 1954. Wow!

Sorry for the smaller pic with this one. I just couldn’t resist the view it gives of the lake — the lake bottom and shoreline topography. Haunting and beautiful all at once!


By erdekesvilag.hu

By erdekesvilag.hu

Wicked destinations! I’ll be bringing you guys lots more awesome, inspiring, romantic and downright magical destinations in the coming weeks.

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