Barcelona Travel Itinerary Cheat Sheet

Barcelona Travel Itinerary Cheat Sheet

Late spring and summer, in general, are a great time to hop over to Barcelona for a week or two. Especially if you’re proposing or planning a honeymoon!

There’s no shortage of fun, food and culture when you visit this, the largest city metropolis on the Mediterranean!

I have to apologize for the size of this graphic — I wasn’t able to blow it up for you guys, but you can up your zoom level by 25% and it’s much easier to see:

Barcelona Travel Guide

I’d like to add one suggestion of my own:

If you’re into fashion, or just like watching pretty men and women strut their way down a runway in the latest hip-and-happening clothing, book your flight now so you can hit up The Brandery, held June 28 – 30 every year. You get to see the who’s who of European, Asian, and North American designers at this show — it’s quite a spectacle to behold — and since it’s only two days long, you still have plenty of time left over to check out the sites listed on the above graphic.

Happy and safe travels!


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