40 Sneaky Tourist Scams and Where They’re Most Likely to Occur

40 Sneaky Tourist Scams and Where They’re Most Likely to Occur

You can never know too much about travel scams — how they’re done and where they’re most commonly done.

Here’s 40 you need to be weary of when traveling this summer, or really any time of year:

Travel Scams to Watch for in

You really have to be careful when you’re traveling. If someone who appears to be local tries to give you anything, someone comes out of nowhere and starts flirting with you (women are, for the most part excluded from this warning), asks you to hold on to something (camera, phone, wallet, etc.), or your gut tells you something’s wrong: walk the opposite direction.

Most scams involve praying on the kindness of tourists, but as you’ve learned some are pretty well-thought. Such as calling your hotel room to “confirm” your details, or the numerous menu scams you can encounter.

For pickpockets, I suggest wearing a money belt concealed under your shirt (men and women). It’s much harder to rip a money belt off your person without you knowing, than it is for the sneaky and well-practised buggers to slip something out of your pocket or purse unnoticed.

Please, feel free to share your experiences being scammed and/or any tips you might have acquired for avoiding them.

Happy and safe travels!


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