The Traveler’s Guide to Happiness

The Traveler’s Guide to Happiness

Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday — Humpday is mañana and all is good in the world.

Here’s some simple tips ya’ll can use to ensure you have the best trip possible — every time!

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What a great combo of essential travel tips:

  • Read reviews: Yeah, the Internet has made it so easy for us. No longer to you have to play victim to shoddy airline service, overpriced car rental places, or middle-of-the-road hotels that may or may not be run by the likes of Norman Bates and his cohorts!
  • Always compare prices: Focus on switching up the days and times of the proposed flight to see just how much of a difference there is from one flight to the next.
  • Packing for greatness: Hey, I’ve done the packing tips to death. Hopefully this graphic helped you with some part of your packing repertoire!
  • Give yourself the Presidential treatment during the flight: Including getting a comfy seat with legroom and a view of the sky. Move around whenever the flight attendant says it’s okay to do so. Your legs and brain will thank ya later!
  • Stay like royalty?: This is gonna depend heavily on your individual budget and whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacay or looking to see the much of the world as you can while saving as much cash as possible.
  • Explore like Indiana Jones: Yes! For the love of all that you deem important in this world, don’t be a tourist. See the world. Don’t be a putz when you land and just lie on the beach drinking margaritas all the time.
  • Don’t show them the money: All good tips. Don’t carry cash unless absolutely necessary. Eat fresh produce from the market or in popular local restaurants that specialize in the local fare (instead of hotels), use public transport — Learn to Negotiate. Negotiation is a touchy thing in most parts of North America, but Europeans, Brits and Southeast Asians love the thrill of sitting at the bargaining table!

Happy and safe travels!


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