Vancouver: One of North America’s Top Summertime Destinations

Vancouver: One of North America’s Top Summertime Destinations

Vancouver is wicked to see in the summer. Temperate climate, lots of fun outdoor activities, some of the world’s best restaurants and shopping destinations…

Vancouver’s got it all without being a stuffy tourist mecca that makes you regret going there soon after you land:

Gotta say, I love this girl’s passion for travel. She gets to see so much of the world on a month-to-month basis, most of which seems to be on the dime of the many lucrative sponsors, like Best Western Hotels, that she has acquired from the success of her vlog.

So awesome! Just like Vancouver, which in the summer months is one of my favorite cities to be in. Next to Toronto, it’s the second-most culturally diverse city in all of Canada. Some would argue the entire world, but it really doesn’t have anything on Toronto or NYC in the states.

The great thing about this city is how many fresh bodies of water are around it, and the water sports and diverse fishing adventures they offer. British Columbia has some of the oldest trees to be found anywhere on the planet, and tons of mountain ranges, coastal islands and… just awesome!

If you’ve never been, check out some of the cool spots Nadine pointed out in the video.

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Happy and safe travels!



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