8 Travel Photography Tips

8 Travel Photography Tips

Here’s a Few Basic Tips to Get the Best Travel Shots on Your Next Trip:


1. Early Morning 30 – 60 Minutes After Sunrise is Best

You’ll get the best lighting (not too bright or too dark). And if you’re taking pics of specific buildings or landmarks, you won’t have the crowds “crowding” your shots!

2. Carry a Wide Array of Lenses

This won’t apply to everyone, especially if you’re using an action cam or your cellphone. However, if you’re trying to get the best shots possible, you’ll likely have a DSLR with at least one 18 – 55mm and another 50 – 200mm lens, to get good closeups and great wide angle shots.

3. Get Closeup Shots of Everything

You don’t want to get home, start to edit, and then realize how much more epic your photo-array would be if you had some closeups of the Sphinx and its rough edges, or some tight shots of some of the nooks and crannies at the Tower of London that helps to tell more about its history.

4. Some Shots are Best Captured in Vertical Orientation

Shoot a regular shot holding the camera straight, then turn the camera 90 degrees clockwise and/or counter-clockwise. Later, you can compare the shots and choose which angle best represents the look you’re going for.

5. Look for Multiple Viewpoints

Don’t just focus on what’s at eye-level, that can make for boring travel photos. Shoot from roof and mountain tops — get up close to objects and shoot up at them to capture scenic angles.

6. Use the Camera’s Settings

Read this beginner’s guide if you don’t understand them: White balance, shutter and aperture speed, flash, ISO… Don’t be a sucker and just use Automatic Mode or your shots will be average at best.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Play With the Flash

Flash isn’t just for dark homes, museums and outdoor night shots. Sometimes bright natural light can kill the shots you want the most. If you get major blurring or silhouetting in your frames, try flipping the flash on to see if it helps.

8. Stick Around for the Night Shots

Sometimes the best memories on your tropical excursion might be of the beach at sunset. Snowy wilderness destinations show a lot of amazing detail when the afterglow light of a sunset mixes with snowy tundra. You’ll get some of your best shots at this time.

Happy and safe travels!


Main image by kokorowashinjin

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