Nifty Travel Hacks You’ve Probably Never Though of

Nifty Travel Hacks You’ve Probably Never Though of

I couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you. I know travel hacks have been done to death, but Dave Hax shares some really cool tips in this one:

Really, really, really love the “overnight clothes bundle”┬áhack that starts around the 30-second mark. Wickedly simple and tidy little space saver for a pack or suitcase! Every tip video I’ve ever seen about packing clothes suggests rolling your clothes military style to conserve space, but the bundling them in a pair of socks is just so much slicker.┬áThis travel hack is especially handy if you’re going someplace warm and will be wearing warm clothing. You could easily pre-arrange your outfits for an entire week or more: shirt, undies, shorts — all contained in the socks you’ll wear each day. Perhaps I’m a little too giddy about this one but I just love simple hacks I’ve never used or thought of before that are easy to implement.

Don’t like the idea of using a Ziplock to hold my phone or tabbie up in front of me (I can only watch shows and surf on a pristine screen), but the sunglasses holder tip was pretty cool too. Never thought of that one before.

The hoodie pillow was new too. Again, stupid me, I never thought about stuffing the hoodie to get a better, longer lasting supportive cushion out of a makeshift clothes pillow.

Did anyone else get a kick out of the lip balm money dispenser?

Share your favorite in the comments and please, if you have any requests for posts you’d like to see, do let us know?

Happy and safe travels!


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